Au Revoir to Rivière au Renard

25 May Au Revoir to Rivière au Renard

We spent a great day here in this small fishing village yesterday.  There was a reasonable job list on the boat – there is ALWAYS a reasonable jobs list on the boat.  We sent Rick Hake below to find the annoying leaks that were adding oily seawater sludge to the bilge, and he did just that;; a couple of water lines with buggered up ends were leaking, and a diesel fuel return line was leaking a small amount of diesel into the bilge.  These were attended to – we now have a reasonably arid bilge.

On deck, there were a variety of jobs to take care of from stowing sails, filling the diesel tank and re-filling diesel jugs, to re-running lines, that took us all day.  We did take a break for lunch, during which we found a place that sold excellent smoked fish, which we snacked on as we walked to the to the restaurant.  Blaise was invaluable there and everywhere on this trip – we are in the province of Quebec and though everyone speaks some English, it is by no means universal.  Blaise’s translation skills unquestionably prevented us from making numerous gastronomical mistakes.

A boat like Arete is an attraction anywhere, and in this seaside town, even more so.  Alongside the ocean-going fishing boats that line the jetty walls, Arete looks like a lunar landing device.  The skipper of the Coast Guard boat visited and got a full tour from Matt.  Everyone here has been incredibly helpful.

There was enough work to keep us busy very late…we got back to the hotel to find the bar/restaurant closing up.  Quick work by Blaise on the phone found a hamburger joint that delivered, but wanted Canadian currency, of which we had none.  More running – literally – to a distant ATM got cash here just in time for the delivery.

Today’s weather looks much more favorable for the rest of our trip.  Boat time is here, and we are off to meet Rick Warner in Quebec city in a few days.

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