Back in Action… Let the Trash Talking Resume

26 May Back in Action… Let the Trash Talking Resume

Today’s update is from straight down the middle of the St. Lawrence river, passing the town of Rimouski.
We had to motor for over 12 hours, and it was great to see “Matilda,” as we have affectionately named Arete’s motor, running so smoothly. At that pace, we thought we would need to stop in Rimouski for gas, but the wind picked up and now that we are pointed clearly east. After the last shift, Ron posted 27 knots…and that was close to the wind! So we are moving at a very good speed now. Needless to say, trash was talked as Ron handed over the keys to the next shift. We’ll see if the current shift can match it.

This Wednesday or Thursday, Tom Gmeiner, Rick Warner and Don Walton will be hopping on board in Quebec City for a crew changeover. The will be taking the places of Ron White, Jim Anderson and Rick Hake. Big thanks to those guys for giving their time, expertise and heart over the last weeks.

Looking forward, we have about 5-7 days left to get to Marine City, Michigan….our next big stop. There’s two locks and some (hopefully) great weather in the meantime. We’ll get another update out as the crew changes over in Quebec City. Until then, keep track of us on the website, and share our Facebook pagewith your sailing friends!

More soon!
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