Boat Prep In Last Palmas

22 Apr Boat Prep In Last Palmas

There is a lot going on aboard Areté, even though she is in port in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Ron, Mike and Ira have all made their way home to the US. Matt has remained behind to help with getting the engine, electronics and sails sorted out. The engine is in much better shape now…although it did overheat after running for 4 ½ hours, which is a huge improvement over ten minutes. The mechanics are coming back tomorrow and are certain that they can execute a final fix. The mainsail is scheduled to be wrapped up tomorrow as well.   Matt has gotten the boat computer to talk to the Iridium phone, which is helpful, as the boat computer “speaks” French, and the new delivery crew is all from France. Rick, Matt and Pilou have installed a new bilge pump and gotten a host of other jobs finished off.

Pilou is assembling his delivery crew, who are making their way to the Canaries over the next couple of days. They will finish provisioning the boat this week, with an eye toward a departure for the States as early as Sunday, weather permitting.

Rick is coming back early next week after seeing the boat off. Matt is heading home tomorrow, having finished off all of the jobs he wanted to tackle – and having gotten in 18 holes of golf. A guy has to relax, after all!

When the boat leaves, it will have the tracker active and we will still be providing periodic updates on Arete’s progress.

More when the crew is assembled in Las Palmas!