Bound for the Canaries

16 Apr Bound for the Canaries

Got a call from the boat this morning.  Our weather analysis yesterday was spot-on – unfortunately.  They were indeed in light air and confused seas with wind on the schnoz.  Not the best way to spend a day.

Today, the wind had freed up a bit, giving the guys time to make some repairs.  When we spoke, the main was on the deck getting some attention to the cloth and to the cars – the sliders that run up and down the track on the back of the mast to which the main is attached.  They were going slow under the jib alone, but evidence from the tracker shows them back up to speed and moving on a nice, straight track.

The weather ahead is not cooperating either.  There is a major storm system brewing off the east coast of the US, posing an interesting set of options for route planning. With all of this, the guys have made a decision to stop in the Canary Islands.  The engine is running a bit hot while charging and they can get that sorted out and get a more permanent fix on the mainsail.

They should be there tomorrow, so we can get a real update directly from the crew.

More when I know it,