Not on Cheeky anymore…

25 Apr Not on Cheeky anymore…

Lines led aft Looking aft below

As the crew is gathering in Las Palmas, we would like to share two of the many photos that Ira Heller took on board Areté.  They show just how different this boat is from any that most of us have sailed to this point.

The deck photo shows the lines running aft on the starboard side of the boat.  These are control lines for the headsails, mast rotation, sheets, tweakers and some of the many ways to tease more speed out of this complex, wonderful beast.  The photo down below is looking aft.  The mechanical devices at the top of the photo are the transmissions and driveshafts for the two winch pedestals in the cockpit.  All of these systems are in great shape, but – as you can imagine – are going to take a lot of TLC to keep ticking along.

Cheeky has a ton of controls for its size, but Areté has a lot more lines to pull and our collective learning curve is going to be steep!

Rick and Pilou are wrapping things up on board and turning their attention to the weather report as they target a Sunday departure.