Rick reports from Las Palmas

27 Apr Rick reports from Las Palmas

After a week of hard work and support from members of the Las Palmas marine business community, Areté has left the dock.  She has left the marina and turned south at 5:15 pm local time.  Their plan is to sail SSW to pass 70m west of Cape Verde and then turn west.  At that point they will make a decision as to how far north their course can be toward Newport. The plan is to aim north of Bermuda, hopefully with a track towards Newport.

Rick wanted to give a shout-out to Domingo at North Sails, to Tony at the Volvo repair shop, to the staff at Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria and to Fernando at Las Palmas Marina.  In concert with Rick, Pilou and the rest of the crew, they got the engine, sails, organization and the innumerable details that boat preparation requires all sorted.

There are five crew on board; Pilou, who has been on the boat since it left Sète; Bertrand Dreux, Blaise Bernos, Alix Guieysse and Milena Schoenahl.  Pilou and Bertand have sailed Areté in her previous life and so are familiar with her systems and performance.  With that level of experience, it was a bit easier for Rick to let her go.

But it was with a heavy heart that he did so.  He would have preferred to be on board, but there is a great deal to do as far as organizing her delivery from the east coast to the Great Lakes.  Rick will arrive home tomorrow.

He wished the crew fair winds, and that they sail well and sail fast.  They have ordered their first meals stateside; Pilou, Blaise and Alix would like steaks, Milena has asked for a tomato, parsley and olive oil salad, and – inexplicably – Bertrand has requested a Big Mac.

The tracker is turned on, so that Arete’s path is easily followed.   We will be speaking with the crew by sat phone daily.  Keep an eye on the tracker and this space.

More to come.