Schnoz – the (debatable) joys of a yacht delivery.

14 Apr Schnoz – the (debatable) joys of a yacht delivery.

I have not spoken to the guys today, but if you were able to overlay their course on the tracker with weather information, their path tells a story.

Jim Andersen of Harken – an experienced offshore navigator – and I both took a look at the weather that Areté is experiencing.  Every boat that goes on a delivery always seems to get wind on the nose, and that is what the guys are experiencing today – wind right on the schnoz.  With wind on the schnoz, it is coming from precisely where you want to go…which is impossible on a sailboat.  It would appear that the wind they are in now may be relatively light, although it appears that they had stronger winds over the past 24 hours.  If that is the case, there are probably leftover waves from the stronger wind and in light air there no way to power through it.  It is not the most comfortable way to travel.

Their track shows them heading south, which is away from  the center of the low pressure system that seems to be chasing them.  As that low passes, they should be able to turn more westerly and pick up some speed.

The good news?  They are on the move.  The bad news – the wind is on the schnoz!