Shore leave

16 Apr Shore leave

Areté is at rest, tied snugly to a dock in Las Palmas, Gran Canria, Spain.  Nothing simple is easy, and arriving in the marina was not as simple as it should have been.  The engine was overheating, so a tow boat was called to get Areté to the dock, though Rick reports that things went smoothly.

The crew is in the house we found on Airbnb, the shower is flowing with hot water and the tracker has been turned off.

Time for shore leave.

After everyone is clean, well-fed and topped up with some sleep, I am sure we will get details on this leg of their trip.  For now, everyone is safely in yet another place I am sure we would all like to visit…though probably not where we would like to be if we needed repairs on a balky diesel.

Stand by for words from the crew after they rest up.