Take Me to The River… In and out of Quebec City for a quick rest and crew changeover.

29 May Take Me to The River… In and out of Quebec City for a quick rest and crew changeover.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.43.21 AMAt 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon, Areté arrived in Quebec.

Our final day at sea was – predictably – not without some drama.  At midnight, we were bundled in all of our clothing, still sailing in unexpectedly favorable winds. It was cold and completely socked in with fog. Then the wind died and we were left motorsailing in the pea-soup fog. Fortunately, Areté has an AIS receiver and transmitter on board – this device allows us to see what other ships are in our vicinity – and for them to see us. If we click on an icon of a ship, we can see the name, size, speed, compass course and even the closest point of approach of the other vessel – and any ship with AIS can see the same information about us. Most commercial ships are required to use this technology, and because no other “pleasure” boats would be out in such conditions, we felt that we could see everyone around us. We kept a double lookout even so.

As the sun finally rose, it began to get warmer.  We all started shedding layers, slowly and then with real purpose…it was getting warm. We all finally were down to t-shirts and pants…when it began to POUR rain. Fortunately, the rain announced itself in time for all of us to get into our foul weather gear again, but it was a close thing. It hammered down for almost half an hour, giving the boat a great fresh-water washdown.  As we are heading into a fresh-water river tomorrowtomorrow will be Areté’s last taste of salt water for quite some time.

We arrived at the dock in Quebec, met by Rick Warner and Tom Gmeiner, a young sailor from Detroit. We have gotten fuel for our return trip and set the boat up for sleep tonight. Jim Andersen left as soon as we hit the dock to catch a plane home.  We are having dinner now, and Ron White and Rick Hake are leaving shortly for the long drive back to the Midwest.

At about 6:30pm on Thursday, we left Quebec City for the St. Mary’s River and the locks that will take us to Lake Ontario and then home. Currently we are passing the city of Trois-Rivières. As always you can track us on the website!