The conveyor belt

05 May The conveyor belt

Pilou’s check-in today was filled with good news.  On the mechanical front, the engine is running at normal temperatures…no coolant level or oil level issues…it is behaving like a good diesel should.  It must have been cold down below, because he said they ran engine for two hours last night…partly to charge batteries, partly to warm up the cabin.

Areté is on the conveyor belt north…the crew is seeing consistent breeze.  The path they are taking appears bizarre looking at it on the chart, but overlay that track with the weather patterns and you can see why the old sailing captains moving their cargoes from Europe to the New World called these “trade winds”.  Now that the crew is in the groove, we expect to see them in Newport early next week. As they get closer and the weather forecasts get more accurate, we will be able to update their arrival time.  As you can see from the tracker, they are aimed almost directly toward their destination.

Newport is absolutely alive right now…the Volvo Ocean Race fleet is closing in on this classic sailing venue, with the first boats due to arrive on Thursday.  Every hotel, rental house, hostel and campground in the area is fully booked – and has been since the dates were announced almost a year ago.  Areté is arriving at Sailing Central in the midst of a major sailing event.  In addition to Rick and I, the crew will get the welcome they deserve from a city full of sailors.