The path to Newport

08 May The path to Newport

The path to Newport is becoming clearer.  Pilou and crew gybed north today and have just passed to the west of Bermuda.

Our communication with Pilou has been exclusively by Iridium satellite phone.  These rugged phones usually have excellent connections, making calls sound like they are from next door.  But for some reason, we have a scratchy, noisy connection with the boat, making our non-existent French and Pilou’s ever-improving English very difficult to decipher – at both ends.  When the gennaker came down, we struggled to understand what had happened.  Today, Pilou reported that the big sail was back up, having replaced the lashing on the “spirit” – which we assume is the bowsprit.  No matter, they are making good time.

This is truly the home stretch for Areté and her crew.  They have been at sea for eleven days and are certainly looking forward to the amenities of Newport.  The Volvo Ocean Race boats have all finished and reports are that the city is rocking with sailors.  We will all find out soon!