Up Z River! – The Home Stretch

04 May Up Z River! – The Home Stretch

from ren center

Arete from the Renaissance Center in Detroit

We were all awstruck at the view of the water cascading onto Arete’s bow as the full moon rose into the night sky just as we slowly approached the front of the massive Welland lock wall. It was as if it was saying: “Welcome to your home waters, Arete. We are glad to have you here with us for more grand adventures as the first Orma 60 of the Great Lakes. Welcome!”

On the final stretch to home port, it was great to see two Algomarine lakers entering the Welland as we entered Lake Eerie. Then, once we got to open water, it was great to be under sail (an the old trusty Matilda, our name for the motor.)

At 5:42am, we turned up the St. Clair River and were traveling 4.8 knots against the current with mainsail up. Very calm waters. We will be arriving around 7:30pm at home in Port Huron, MI.

  • Thanks to the Howes for the pizza and buffalo wings.
  • Safe travels to Blaze as he heads home.
  • BIG shout out to Ed Wojtecki, a good trimaran friend and seaway pilot, who (with his friend Leroy) drove us for fuel and led us through the canals. Thanks Ed! We flew through in 4 hours with no delays.
 It is good to have good friends.
 – Rick