Warmer Times Ahead?

23 May Warmer Times Ahead?

Right now, we are well into our trip, and have left the snow-covered hills of Nova Scotia behind – and it is really really REALLY cold! We are heading northwest, past New Brunswick and to the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.

Outside of the cold, we have had a mixed bag of weather. The first day was all fog – dense, cold air and low visibility. We had a great day of sunshine and blue sky yesterday, and it even warmed our foul weather gear through the cold – did I mention the cold? It is COLD.

After getting sorted upon leaving Newport, Arete thundered to the northeast, gybed around Massachusetts and headed north. When I say “thundered”, I mean it. The boat at speed is loud – the hulls pound through the waves, wind howls through the rigging and the seas roar past the hulls. We had great wind and boat speed in the high teens and low twenties for hour upon hour. When you are down below trying to sleep, the boat feels like a runaway train; when on deck, the wind and noise is constant.

This is a complex boat, built for extreme speed in extreme conditions, and it demands your attention every moment you are on deck. Every system on the boat makes perfect sense, but there are a lot of systems, all integrated with each other.  Every maneuver is a well-choreographed dance move – all together, they make up a brutal, fast, satisfying whole.

We have some challenges – the old sails and battens have demanded repairs, which we carry out on deck. It is actually welcome work, because it keep us warm. There is a great mix of skills on board and we have not had an issue we could not solve quickly. Again, this is a high-strung beast that demands respect.

We are flying along at 15 knots at 123 degree true wind angle, thundering along. There are islands around us, shoals and ships, fishing vessels and their nets, exclusion zones to avoid – lots of choreography. We have a great company and we work well together in our sailing symphony.

We love it out here!


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— Areté Team