The Coral Project



2019 has been a big year for Team Areté. They started off the year with a new sponsorship and campaign. Areté’s belief and future now reside in The Coral Project. 

Corals are disappearing at alarming rates and a world without corals will have a profound effect on our daily lives.

The Coral Project will turn the tide by working with world-renowned scientists. Starting with Plant a Million Corals foundation which was founded by Dr. David Vaughan. His passion, dedication and expertise in the field has completely changed the way coral regrowth is approached. 

Areté/The Coral Project together with Plant a Million Corals will support the growth and planting of resilient coral, creating coral incubators as well as the outreach to other scientists in need of help.

Together as a global community we will be able to solve this crisis.

Team Areté/The Coral Project new campaign is aptly named: The Race Against Time. 

For Team Areté/The Coral Project it starts with a world record attempt to beat the Chicago to Mackinac World Sailing Speed Record. The World Sailing Speed Record Counsel of England was founded in 1972 and is a highly recognized race. A prestigious race that gets a lot of notice, notice that will help bring light to our coral problem.

Owner and skipper of Areté, Rick Warner states, “not only are we racing against actual time for the world record, we are racing against time to save the world’s corals.” 

If Team Areté/The Coral Project beats the record, it would not just be a win for the team but more importantly it will be a win for corals.